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The web site is designed to provide personal information to its users.

General information

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Intellectual property rights

Barbier Group informs the users of the Website that most of the elements it contains are:

  • are protected by the laws of copyright: this can be the case in particular for photos, articles, drawings, animated sequences…;
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The elements thus protected are the property of Barbier Group or a third party having authorized Barbier Group to exploit them.

This site uses visual elements stemming from:

Internal documents of Barbier Group or created by Axome for Barbier Group.

In this regard, any reproduction, display, usage, adaptation, modification, incorporation, translation, or commercial use, in part or in full, in any manner, by any process and in any format whatsoever (paper, digital, …) are prohibited without the prior, written authorization of Barbier Group, excluding the exceptions laid down in article L 122.5 of the French Code of Intellectual Property; doing so will constitute an infringement of copyright and / or legislation on designs and / or brands, punishable by two years of imprisonment and € 150 000 in fines.

Copyright, design and trademarks rights

This website is a work whose author is Axome according to the articles L. 111. 1 and following articles of the French Intellectual Property body of law.

Design and development of this website has been carried out by Axome.

Pictures, texts, the photographs, written content, mottos, drawings, pictures, motion pictures with or without sound, as well as all works included in this website are the property of the Barbier Company company or the third part that allowed Barbier Group to use them.

The reproduction, on paper or on an electronic medium, of this website are allowed but they are strictly limited to your personal use only, precluding advertising and / or commercial and / or information purposes and / or provided it complies with article L 122-5 of the French Intellectual Property body of law.

Product information

Information and illustrations being reproduced on the pages of this Internet site are based on the features in progress at the time of the setting on line or the update of the various pages of the site.

Within the context of a policy of constant improvement of its products and services, Barbier Group may modify the characteristics of its commercial offer at any time. The products presented on this web site are those distributed in Metropolitan France. They can vary from one country to another or may not be available in all countries of the world.

In any case, the information contained on this website is general information only and is non-binding except for the General Term of Sales (GTS)  and for the Information and Advice Sheet (FICCU) .

Personal data protection

The Barbier Group web site may be viewed without disclosing your identity or any other information concerning your person.

Barbier Group undertakes to respect your privacy and to protect information that you provide. Particularly, personal data collected on the website are intended for Barbier Group use and for its subsidiaries only. They are confidential and treated as such.

In particular, the information gathered in “We recruit” is handled by computer processing in order to manage the applications addressed to Barbier Group.  The recipients of the data communicated are the internal recruitment consultants.

Concerning information in personal Material you would be brought to communicate to us, you profit from a right of access and correction in accordance with the French law “Data-processing and Freedom” n° 78-17 of January 6th, 1978.

You can exercise this right from:

Société d’Extrusion du Polyéthylène A.Barbier et Cie
La Guide, 43600 Sainte-Sigolène

The collection of this information is necessary to respond to your requests for commercial offers and to send you, if necessary, an electronic newsletter.

If you subscribe to information services by electronic mail (“newsletter”), you may request to be removed from the mailing list.

We should point out that, in order to offer you products and services that are constantly adapted so as to better meet your needs, certain types of non-personal information concerning your activity on this site will be gathered automatically.

This information is destinated to Barbier Group and may be used in the course of commercial or marketing operations or as a basis for studies and analyzes.

This information will in no case be disclosed to third parties. Only the Barbier Group staff or agencies assisting us in managing these operations have access to data. These agencies are required to respect the confidentiality of information and to use it only for the precise operation for which they are called upon.


We strive to ensure optimal security for this data, especially so that it will not be shared with a third party without permission.


Creating a hyperlink to the Website is not subject to prior written permission from Barbier Group. However, Barbier Group should be informed in a maximum of 10 days after the establishment of the link.

In any event, Barbier Group is not to in no case held responsible for the contents as well as products or available services on the sites to which the site would be dependent by bonds hypertexts or any other type of bonds.

Applicable law web site and the present General terms are subjected to the French right and are written in French. For any complaint, the courts of Puy-en-Velay, France, shall have exclusive jurisdiction. Barbier Group reserves the right to modify these terms at any time. The user agrees to consult it regularly.

Limitation of liability

You use the web site under your only and whole responsibility. The Barbier Group cannot be held liable for direct and indirect damages, such as material loss, loss of program or data, financial damage, which result from the use of this Web site or of sites with which it is linked.


Barbier Group reserves the rights to modify and update, without notice, these terms and whole elements, products on this web site.

The whole of these modifications is binding to the users who must consult the present General terms at the time of each connection.

Monitoring statistical data

We use the connection data for our statistics (browser type, number of visitors, sections visited…) for the optimization of our web site in terms of sections and navigation, this information remains confidential.

Reproduction on paper

With the exception of Illustrations, the reproduction of this web site pages on paper is allowed, if the following three conditions are fulfilled:

  • Free diffusion
  • Respect of the integrity of the documents reproduced (no modifications, nor alterations of any kind)
  • Explicit reference to the site as a source and notice that reproduction rights are reserved and strictly limited.

Electronic media reproduction

The reproduction in full or in part of this site on an electronic media is allowed provided that the source and the mention “All Right Reserved” are clearly and legibly added.

Information used should only be for personal or associative means; any commercial use or advertising purposes is formally prohibited, without prior written authorization from Barbier Group Company.

Please contact Axome Company, digital and e-marketing agency, situated in Saint-Etienne, France.