The planet faces a new challenge: waste, and especially plastic waste, thrown away by Humans in the oceans. We are talking not only about household waste but also plastic granules, directly from industry. A deadly threat for the marine ecosystem, which has increased so much that we now speak about a 7th continent. 

The global plastic industries associations of the world have decided to react. In March 2011 they signed the Hawaii Declaration to fight against marine litter.

In France, Elipso, Plastic Europe and the Plastic Federation, all signed up to of this Declaration, to implement and launch the “Clean Sweep Operation”. The Barbier Group decided to actively participate to this initiative which aims to achieve the goal “Zero plastic granule waste” in its production.

All of our companies’ employees are receiving appropriate training on handling plastic pellets with the goal of zero losses. We specifically want to raise awareness, train and involve our personnel and suppliers in our environmental process. With the “zero pellet loss” target, the Barbier Group is working for a more sustainable value chain.

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