Quality is at the heart of the Barbier Group’s development and production activities.

The principles of the Barbier’s Group’s quality policy are gathered in a declaration signed by Serge VASSAL (President) and Thomas BARALON (MD).

The 5 key axes of the quality policy are:

  • customers satisfaction
  • environmental contribution
  • the respect for employees
  • cost efficiency
  • social involvement
  • safety and hygiene
  • competitiveness


ISO 9001 version 2015 certification

Our quality approach started in the mid eighties, resulting in ISO 9002 certification in 1995.

Today the Barbier Company has ISO 9001 certification, version  2015 .

A strategy of excellence

Quality at the Barbier Group is based on excellence. It is a shared value in the company, which involves all employees and is based on feedback from the market and customers care.