Abel Barbier a textile industrialist from Sainte-Sigolène, discovered new method of polyethylene extrusion. He makes a bet that this new technology will start a new era for packaging.

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The company is a success. The Extrusion of Polyethylene Company A. Barbier & Cie is born: it belongs exclusively to Abel Barbier. A first plant of 3 000 m2 was inaugurated in Sainte-Sigolène.

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Barbier Group is growing so fast that it must expand. The Sovuplast factory was built in Firminy.
As for the Sainte Sigolène plant, it must be completely rebuilt after being destroyed by fire.

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The growth in demand and diversity in applications of polyethylene require the construction of a new 14,000 m2 plant in Sainte-Sigolène: La Guide.

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The two oil crises have greatly increased the cost of the raw material, polyethylene, which is a petroleum derivative.

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Aware of the importance of quality to secure the loyalty of its customers and of innovation to remain the leader of this industry, Barbier Group sets up a laboratory for quality control and R&D.

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A second plant is inaugurated at the La Guide plant near Sainte Sigolène.

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The retail activities of Barbier Group are gathered in the ultramodern plants of Chavanon 1 and Chavanon 2, in Monistrol sur Loire.

Coextrusion is now used for large production runs: 3-layer coextrusion is gradually replacing the mono-layer extrusion.

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The production site Chavanon is once again enlarged with Chavanon III a building dedicated to the manufacture of technical coextruded films.

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A new department of Chavanon is built in order to meet the growth waste bag sector.

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Startup of the manufacturing unit for stretch CAST film (flat process) for the 5 layers wrapping of the pallets and for agricultural stretch film.

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This decade also saw the introduction of eco-design products as well as the use of polyethylene of plant origin.

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Barbier Group has an hit output of 200 million shopper bags for retail industry.

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Barbier Group’s products are the first in the industry “to get the “France Origin Guarantee” certification.

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From now on coextruded 3, 5, and soon 7 and 9 layer films, produced by Barbier Group, will represent 85 % of the machinery.

Chavanon V, dedicated to the recycling of waste is planned to open in 2015.

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Barbier Group is strengthening its historic commitment to sustainable development with the commissioning of the CHAVANON V. This plant is completely dedicated to the post-consumer polyethylene films recycling.

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More than 65 years of experience for Barbier Group!

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