The technical support team is in charge of the technical definition of the products and of the implementation of the suitable products for its applications. This team is at the heart of the relationship with customer. In order to answer specific industry requirements, a technical team is in charge of each segment: agriculture, industry and retail.

Technical assistance to make a new product

The Barbier Group offers its expertise to its customers starting with the design of their product packaging in order to propose an ideal solution which is specially adapted to each requirement.

In order to design very innovative products with its customers, the Barbier Group works close to its raw material suppliers and, downstream, with its machine suppliers.

This is our guarantee to get the best product: the best to suit customer’s initial requirements, with the most appropriate formulations and the most compatible with customer’s machine.


Technical assistance for the good performance

As and when required, our technical assistants will visit our customers to assist in the good functioning of the new products, by helping to set up the conversion machine.

Dedicated teams

The technical team who designs a new product is also the one who assures the good performance at the customer and also the one who will resolve any eventual difficulties.

Pictures taken during products installation.