Always keen to provide to its customers the best solutions and products, Barbier Group continues to follow its constant and regular investment policy. Every year, Barbier Group invests between 8 % and 10 % of its turnover in order to renew its machinary.
By doing this Barbier Group guarantees its customers the following:

  • the best technology,
  • a very high level of quality products which are constantly being improved,
  • flexible production facilities with an increasing manufacturing capacity,
  • new solutions to meet new customer’s demands in terms of extrusion, printing and sealing.


Since more 60 than years, Barbier Group is the French leader and expert in extrusion.

The total production is produced in 11 manufacturing plants spread over 5 production sites in France, using 1, 3, 5 and very soon 7 and 9 layer extruders.

This production capacity unique in France allows us to offer a wide and diversified range of products, like agricultural films, or films and tubes for industry and tubes which end up in the retails department.

These manufacturing facilities make it possible to ensure perfect production stability and to meet our customers’ requirements in terms of quality and deliveries times.

The equipment meets the highest certification standards.

Also worth mentioning is the logistic center and in the near future a new production facilities dedicated to the processing and recycling of household plastic packaging.



Over the last 20 years Barbier Group has established a department specifically dedicated to printing, from in-line printing to off-line printing, for every industrial and commercial packaging application.

This dedicated organization allows Barbier Group to assist its customers with advices and technical support in all phases of the graphic process (feasibility, creation, print proof, and implementation) and offer a wide range of solutions.

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The Barbier Group produces almost 2.5 billion bags every year.

Fruit & vegetable bags on rolls, dust bin and industrial bags benefit from the latest technology in terms of sealing and packaging. Some of them are certified with NF and NF environment quality labels.