With up to 10 colors (flexo) and both in-line printing as off-line printing, the Barbier Group has set up a dedicated organization, with advice and technical assistance available at each step of the graphic process (feasibility, creation, print proof…)

Usine interieur groupe Barbier

Our differenciation elements:

  • Full HD

After the High Definition, Barbier offers new skills: Full HD; high definition obtained with specific settings and tools!

  • Quality

The printing facility is equipped with a spectrophotometer, a densitometer and a reading barcodes tester.



  • Colors

Printing up to 10 colors with a best quality guarantee, a high tint stability thanks to a fully automatic ink mixing station.

  • Machinery

5 printing presses with possible widths from 300 mm to 1 600 mm and repeat lengths from 310 mm to 1 250 mm.

  • Pre-press

We have licenses for all major software and cooperate with the best French and European plates makers.

  • Flexography

This is the printing technology offered by the Barbier Group. It is based on a relief printing process with a precise ink transfer.  Excellent results. Using of the latest High Definition Flexo techniques.

  • Plate mounting automation

Reliability, accuracy and repeatability of the plate mounting.