Any new product created by Barbier Group usually results from an eco-design approach based on:

  • the optimization of raw material used, especially by decreasing the thicknesses.
  • the integration of processes and flows of its customers.
  • taking into consideration the end-of-life cycle of a product.


Thanks to its Eco design approach, the Barbier Group offers the appropriate product: this is the one which best meets the needs and requirements of its customers bearing in mind the preservation of our most important common asset, the environment.


Use of bio sourced and bio based raw materials

Maizebiolice mulching film   


By 2015, 5 % to 10 % of raw materials used by the Barbier Group will be of plant origin and bio sourced, rather than of fossil origin (oil). For several years, the Barbier Group has been offering especially perishable films for mulching, biodegradable cement bags as well as garbage bags and fruit & vegetables bags made from renewable raw materials.

The Barbier Group also invests in research projects on these raw materials.


The Barbier Group promotes the implementation of the new raw materials based on ethylene of plant origin rather than of fossil origin (oil).

These products are part of a new range of agricultural and industrial films: the ReSource range.