We offer a large range of wrapping solutions for pallet protection and merging of product bundles

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Product type: Industry
Packaging palletization

A wide range of tubes and printable films, to guarantee a perfect stability of the load during transport and providing excellent protection during storage.

Speciality films

A large range of mailing films, compression films for glass wool and stone wool, flame retardant films and non-corrosion films … All requirements are studied and processed.

Multipack films

Multipack films (<800mm) for all types of containers (glass, PET bottles, cans, bricks …) and large width films (>800mm) to pack oversized products (mattresses, gates, blinds, doors….). High quality print results.

The BARBIER Group offers a wide range of standard and specific packaging products for the highly automated industries.

Our products are designed to meet the needs of our customers in terms of technical efficiency, productivity improvement, cost optimization, security and reliability of their deliveries. Our research and development team focus on innovative solutions to increase yield, ensure the constant protection of goods, improve the stability of products while trying to downgauge thickness and maintaining efficiency.


A commercial approach of our activity, a technical approach of our specialists!

Dedicated skills by activity, flexibility of our equipment, supply chain efficiency…

Our technical assistants are at the heart of our trade partnership: they define the technical requirements to make sure that our products are suitable for our customer’s applications.

The mission of our Research and Development Department is to improve our competitive intelligence, our formulations and to test our products intensively.

Anticipation, innovation and productivity

are our key advantages to create tommorow’s added value.