The Barbier Group obtained various certifications for its products.

NF and NF Environment Certifications for waste bags

NF label owner since 1984, the BARBIER Group meets the requirements of the NF 082 and NF 170 labels.


Granted by LNE (National Testing Laboratory), the NF label is a quality guarantee for buyers.

The NF label provides quality guarantees:



This is an Eco-label certifying that at equal quality of use, the product is more environmentally friendly (imposed rate of recycled materials).

The NFE label requires to use a rate of recycled materials in the bags manufacture; this formula is validated and filed with the LNE.

These requirements are regularly verified by LNE through audits of manufacturing facilities (quality and compliance system audit of the correct tests implementation) and through product analysis taken from the manufacturer and from the user.

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Certification “made in France”

The Barbier Group is the first extrusion company who received the “Made in France” certification in 2012 for its entire product range.

To obtain this label means that the product has to meet the following two criterias :

  • the environment where the product is produced has to be located in France
  • at least 50 % of the unit cost is spent in France

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“OK compost”, “OK compost Home” and“OK Biobased” certifications

These certifications ensure that our products are compostable in industrial, household or soil compost. The biodegradable waste bags and films manufactured by the Barbier Group have received the “OK Compost” certification. This means they meet the requirements of the EU directive on packaging (94/62/EEC)  and that they also meet the NF EN 13432 “Packaging – Requirements for packaging recoverable through compositing and biodegradation – Test scheme and evaluation criteria for the final acceptance of packaging – Emballage” standard.

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IFS HPC Certification

IFS HPC is a quality and security audit reference matrix for the suppliers of Home and Personal Care Products, private label.

This reference matrix is universally recognized by large retailers.

Through this certification, the BARBIER Group, the only French company, certified IFS HPC, since September 4, 2014, for waste bags category in its business sector, is demonstrating its commitment to satisfy its customers.

Why get certified IFS HPC?

  • To guarantee you optimal quality of the quality management  and products safety
  • To ensure transparency and process reliability

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IFS HPC référentiel


This certification focuses particularly on the traceability of plastics in the supply chain, throughout the recycling process and on the quality of the recycled content in the final product. It also guarantees that the recycled materials used come from the collection of post-consumer waste.
Our two recycling sites have been EuCertPlast certified since 2019.


FSC certification aims to promote responsible forest management throughout the world. Products from FSC-certified forests are controlled from their origin, throughout the manufacturing process and up to their distribution. The FSC label guarantees that the products used come from controlled resources and collected in a responsible manner.

This certification applies, on request, to the paper tapes used in bag-making for this application.

Our chain of custody is numbered: BV-COC-148739