For every farming and climate, we offer a full range of products to protect your farming from bad weather.

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Product type: Agriculture
Perforated films

Perforated film to protect your crops.

Building industry films

A whole range going from protective films to under slab films.

Stretch Wrap

From 5-layer blown films to new generation films adapted to the most demanding machines.

Silage covers

From protection films to films especially made for the preservation of the food value of your silos. As well as new generation high quality film.

Mulching film

From colorless mulch film to black film, including herbistatic products, the solution for all crops and all climates.

Low-tunnel film

From protective film to the most technical film, a whole range providing agronomic benefits.

Greenhouse film

A whole range going from the protection of your crops to the new generation products which bring out the full potential of your crops. Films which enhance the early development of your products and a high rate of direct light or significant diffusion rates, depending on crops and regions.

In its environmental approach, the Barbier Group offers its know-how in the production of biodegradable films and films based on eco-design to create innovative new products.

Our company covers all agricultural sectors.We develop both mulch films for your seasonal crops, maize etc…and low tunnel films for your salads and red fruits. Our perforated films will allow you to protect your crops and to homogenize your yields. Our green housing films will allow you to ensure protection against the weather and to gain in early ripening. We have a full range of both protective films for silos and wrapping films, designed to meet the most demanding users.

Our technical expertise allows us to meet all your requests and to recommend you the best product.