LACTEL and BARBIER, a lasting partnership !

RECYPLAST®, the environmentally friendly packaging developed by BARBIER Group will be used for all Lactel Bio milk packages.

One of the main goals of BARBIER Group is to ensure environmental compliance. So, the creation of RECYPLAST® film is the achievement of this goal.

According to Lactel, a French person generates 390 kg of waste by year. Lactel Bio decided to completely engage itself in the protection of the environment. All Lactel Bio milk packages will be packed in this new packaging, RECYPLAST®!

The recycled material from post production waste keeps us in a linear model (to extract, produce, use, and throw away).

The opposite direction taken by the BARBIER Group, i.e. the recycling of post-consumer waste, projects us in a circular model (to reduce, reuse, collect, and recycle).

To talk about recycled material from post production waste is a speech of the past, the future and the major interest of recycling is that the post-consumer wastes are becoming a resource!

The Recyplast® film is composed of 80 % virgin material and 20 % recycled material from post-consumer waste. This percentage can be largely improved. The Recyplast® film is also a proof of circular economy. Within the company, nothing is lost; the used plastic film is transformed into clean plastic.

For more information on the Recyplast® film and on the partnership LACTEL-BARBIER, please connect you to our website www.barbiergroup.en or to