Barbier Biobag

June 2018: launch of our range of biodegradable bags for bio-buckets, the “Barbier Biobag”.

These are biodegradable bag rolls for bio-waste collection: perfect for individuals using bio-buckets! Thanks to its mechanical characteristics, the biodegradable bag allows the water to evaporate and reduce odors.

The bags were first distributed in Parisian stores Franprix to support an approach launched in May 2017 by the city of Paris.

Indeed, in May 2017, new bins have appeared in the 12th and 2nd arrondissements of Paris, the objective being to recycle food waste from the inhabitants of the city. Each individual received a “Little Bac” to deposit all their food waste and biodegradable bags.

Committed to a zero waste strategy, the city of Paris is taking an additional step in selective sorting with this collection of food waste. The municipality wants to achieve a reduction of waste.

These biowastes will be transformed into agricultural fertilizer or energy after a collection by the garbage collectors, twice a week. After this experiment in the 12th and 2nd arrondissements, the city hopes to equip the whole capital before 2020.

Our 100% biodegradable bags for bio-buckets are available for sale on order and can be used by any municipalities.