Barbier Group and recycling

Did you know? Plastic can be 100 % recycled and 100 % recyclable. That’s the Barbier Group philosophy.

The family business, established in the Haute-Loire department since the 1950s, has long understood the usefulness of recycling. Abel Barbier, group’s founder, had even built the group’s first recycling plant in 1980. Today from 140,000 tons of polyethylene produced by the group, 20,000 tons are recycled products. 50 of the 700 employees are hired in this activity on two production sites entirely dedicated to recycling.

The objective is to reach 26,000 tons by 2019. The Barbier Broup recycles post-consumer industrial waste and household waste as well as agricultural plastic waste. Once collected, the plastics are intended for the manufacture of recyclable films (bags, hoods, agricultural films). Like glass, polyethylene can be recycled indefinitely. Everything is wrapped up!