Barbier Group, one of the winners of Flexostars 2019

The Barbier Group, one of the winners of Flexostars 2019, during the 21st edition of ATF on December 12th  2019 at “L’Envol des Pionnier”  in Toulouse

What is ATF Flexo ? 

The ATF Flexois an association whose purpose is topromote and develop the flexographic professions, particularly the uses of flexographic printing.

The Association brings together among its members all trades that use the technique of Flexography:printers, suppliers, photoengravers, ink manufacturers, machines, adhesives ….

The Association’s mission

  • Provide technical information about flexographic process capabilities on the world of packaging and the entire profession
  • Promoting the flexographic process with contractors and creative agencies by organizing: a national flexographic congress, the ATF days, and the Flexostars competition.

The 21st edition of ATF national congress :

This edition was held at the Envol des Pionniers in Toulouse, on Thursday, December 12, 2019, on the following theme: “Mono-materials / bio-sourced recycling in Flexo, solutions to satisfy legislation”.

Barbier’s rewards : 

  • Gold Flexostar

In 2019 and for the category“Shrink polyethylene film”with the“VOLVIC 6X1L MEGABRAND PROJECT ”printing, the Barbier Group wins theGold Flexostar.

  • Bronze Flexostar

The Barbier Group also wins the bronze Flexostar for the category“Non Shrink polyethylene film”with the“FLORALYS XXL BARBECUE”printing.


These new prices are the result of investments and efforts made over the past ten years to develop our know-how.Congratulations to all the teams who participated in this success and on the way to the FTA Awards!