CIMPA Collaborative Project

We had the pleasure of receiving the partners of the CIMPA project on 10/17/2023. This European collaborative project in which the Barbier Group is participating is a consortium bringing together European plastics technical centers and industrial processors, waste collectors and recyclers. The objective of this project is to improve the recyclability of complex materials (PE/PA, PE/EVOH, PE/PET).

After a visit to Leygatech in Yssingeaux, our partners were able to discover our recycling and recovery site for post-consumer agricultural plastic waste in Monistrol sur Loire (43). They were thus able to observe in situ the entire cycle from regeneration to the reincorporation of recycled raw materials into new production of plastic films for agriculture.

These enriching experiences reinforce our collective commitment to continuous improvement in the recycling, purification and quality improvement of multi-layer plastic waste.

Together we are moving towards sustainable solutions for packaging, contributing to an ever more sustainable future.