ISO 14001 certification

Concerned about our environmental impact, we have undertaken this ISO 14001 certification process in order to highlight our commitment to the environment. The ISO14001 standard is the benchmark for environmental management systems. This certification underlines the unwavering commitment of our organization to reduce its ecological footprint, to respect or even anticipate the standards in force and to respect the principles of sustainable development.

Certification for Incorporation of Recycled Plastic Materials

The use of Recycled Plastic Materials (RPM) is one of the pillars of the circular economy of the plastics industry. It allows massive decarbonization of industrial activity by limiting the use of non-renewable natural resources.

Objectively attesting to the quantities of MPR used by an industrial company, whether across its entire production or in its specific products, is an essential element.

This is why we decided to request “Incorporation of MPR” certification and were audited on the brand new benchmark developed jointly by the Industrial Technical Center for Plastics and Composites (IPC) and the National Metrology and Composites Laboratory. ‘Essays (LNE).

The Barbier Group thus becomes the first French manufacturer to be certified for the incorporation of recycled plastic materials in its process and its products.