General Association of Maize Producers highlights bioplastics!

New trend in plastics processing: bioplastics. Whether for carrier bags, industrial films or for greenhouse films, the most important industry players are turning to bioplastics.

The General Association of Maize Producers was founded in 1934. Its main important role: representing and promoting maize and producers to the French and European authorities. The AGPM’s work on the environment focuses of monitoring and anticipating technical, scientific and regulatory developments in order to inform and help producers to adapt themselves to the new expectations and to the new regulatory requirements.

To this end, the association financed and realized a video to highlights bioplastics and all technical advances in production and development.

The film has been made in July in one of the BARBIER’ plants, as well as in the plants of some of our colleagues.

The greatest benefit of bioplastics is their biodegradability. Indeed, a biodegradable plastic bag degrades in the nature similarly to any other natural element: leaves, branches etc.

If up to now fruits and vegetables plastic bags were mostly imported from Malaysia, China or Thailand, trend is changing in Europe. We are moving towards local production, which is more environmentally friendly and increasingly biological.

Since many years now the BARBIER Group produces biodegradable bags and films in two of its plants. In this video our retail department manager explains the principles of fruits and vegetables biodegradable bags produced by BARBIER Group.

Compared to traditional plastic bags, these new bags have a softer and silkier touch….

The BARBIER Group, Le Club Bioplastiques, Limagrain and Carbiolice will provide an opportunity to discover these new environmentally-friendly materials and with the same technical characteristics as a normal plastic.