The Barbier Group and Eco Emballages: A plastic bag’s life

20 000 tons of plastic products are directly recycled by the Barbier Group for its own production. Since more than 35 years, the recycling and the use of recycled raw material in the manufacture of products is a part of the recognized expertise of the Barbier Group and testifies its involvement in the objective of reducing carbon footprint.

In its environment protection approach, the Barbier Group works with many players. Among them, we find Eco Emballages.

Eco Emballages is a private company, recognized by the government, whose mission is the public interest, to the consumer’s advantage. Since more than 20 years, Eco Emballage is responsible for managing the national sorting and recycling system of household packaging.

The last campaign #SUIVEZMOI (follow me) initiated by Eco Emballages describes our plastic waste’s life since their arrival in sorting containers till their transformation into new products.

Take a few minutes to discover this process:


Whether you are a private individual, a municipality or a company, follow the example of 84 % of French people who say they sort out regularly, enter the circular economy and please participate in the preservation of the environment.