New challenge for Yannick GRAZIANI: EVEREST without oxygen!

After huge attempts on Dhaulagiri and Nanga Parbat last year, Yannick GRAZIANI is on the way to Everest. He will try to climb the Everest’s southern side by the classic road. He will be accompanied by Ferran Latorre, Barcelona, and Hanz Wenzl, Austria. If he already climbed many times with Ferran Latorre, that’s the first expedition with Hanz Wenzl. They will climb without any oxygen; the three mans can count only on themselves to complete the challenge.

Horbein road and classic road. (Ed Bauer courtesy)

Yannick arrived a few days ago to Lobuch, at almost 5 000 meters for acclimatization. He will attempt Everest summit by end of May and without Oxygen.

In a video realized by, Yannick describes in a few minutes its expedition. The climb has been organized two months ago; there were only 5 or 6 other successful alpine style ascents before his climb. Don’t hesitate to connect to website; the Yannick Graziani’s testimony is full of surprises!

The Barbier Group shares the same values as Yannick Graziani: quality, performance and personal involvement. That’s why we are once again at his side, to follow step by step this new extraordinary ascent. Don’t hesitate to follow Yannick’s expedition (before, during and after his climb) on his website, on the (News page) or on his Facebook page.