The Barbier Group: committed to quality excellence and control of its environmental impact

We are very pleased to announce that the Barbier Group has obtained ISO 14001 certification, concretizing our environmental approach, and successfully renewed our ISO 9001 certification, reaffirming our commitment to quality excellence.

Concerned about our environmental impact, we have undertaken this ISO 14001 certification process in order to highlight our commitment to the environment. The ISO14001 standard is the benchmark for environmental management systems. This certification underlines the unwavering commitment of our organization to reduce its ecological footprint, to respect or even anticipate the standards in force and to respect the principles of sustainable development.

The ISO 9001 standard, unanimously recognized for quality management systems, places strong emphasis on customer orientation and listening, continuous process improvement and quality assurance. For nearly 30 years, the renewal of our certification has concretized our commitment to quality excellence.

It is through the daily mobilization of all our employees that this process of continuous improvement of adapting our products and services to the needs of our customers by controlling and reducing our environmental impact develops and comes alive day after day.