Ma-Ter-Bio : latest innovation in bio-based plastics, created by the partnership between BARBIER and NOVAMONT.

BARBIER and NOVAMONT work together to provide solutions to specific environmental problems and to promote a sustainable behavior. That’s why they have created Ma-Ter-Bio, a bag wholly compostable in home composting.

One of the leading European producers of compostable plastic resin of plant origin, Novamont, and Barbier Group, the French leader in plastic packaging, have signed a partnership in order to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly bags and the requirements of the new Energy Transition Law for Green Growth.

Ma-Ter-Bio was created as an alternative to traditional non-biodegradable and non-compostable plastics packaging. Ma-Ter-Bio’s percentage of renewable content (obtained from locally sourced starch and sunflower oil), is of at least 35 %, but can already be increased to over 50 %. This new product drawn the attention of consumers and manufacturers, and also the attention of specialized media in the plastics industry: Plastiques-Caoutchoucs,, Packaging News, Bio Plastics Magazine etc.

This product reflects the commitment of both companies in the circular economy. It also strengthens their determination for a clean and friendly environment industry.