Barstretch XT > 390 %

This high performance film allows great versatility. For heavy and irregular loads, with perforating comers, Barstretch XT film guarantees an optimal result.

With a pre stretching up to 380 %, it offers a significant reduction in cost per pallet. For a stretching capacity of 300 %, 1 meter of film on the roll becomes 4 meters on the pallet.

The film does not suffer any loss of width, will not tear and retains its elastic memory to hold the load.

Benefits of the product
  • 9 layers coextrusion
  • Maximum stretching beyond 250%-300%
  • Compatible with all high speed machines
  • Widths : 500, 750, 1000mm
  • Thicknesses : from 15 to 35 microns

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