Recyplast film

It is several years now since we joined the circular economy! Even thought we had a significant experience in the use of recycled raw materials in sectors such as agriculture and retail, industry has always been a poor user. That’s because of important technical obligations (shrinkage, stretching…) due to random quality raw material.

The growing raw material flow (extension of sorting instructions) and sorting techniques evolving, we can now reconsider this solution.

Benefits of the product
  • Recyplast is the only one film using LDPE granules obtained by the regeneration of used plastic foil post-consumer
  • One “+” regenarated selection to ensure the best product return and especially regularity
  • A controlled regenerated raw materiel source of supply
  • A total traceability between the sorting facility, the regenerator and the Barbier group
  • Very little impact on our film manufacturing progress
  • Less environmental impact

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