The Recyplast®50 is a pure innovation with a guiding principle: sustainable development.

In 2016, the Barbier Group launched Recyplast 20. In 2018, the Group launched Recyplast 50. This label guarantees the incorporation of 50% post-consumer recycled raw material into a whole range of products (shrink film and hood, bottom and top sheets).

3 key points:

1) Ecodesign, from a linear economy to a circular economy. The Barbier Group produces a film, commercializes it so that it has a first use, collects waste (household, industrial or agricultural), recycles it and uses this new recycled raw material for the new products fabrication.

2) Reduction of the carbon footprint with the increasing use of second-life materials (recycled raw materials).

3) Material independence and securing part of its supplies.

Product benefits:


  • Recyplast® 50 is the only film to use LDPE granules obtained from the used plastic films regeneration of post-use origin.
  • Recyplast® 50 is a product upgrade range. The BARBIER Group is constantly seeking improvement to incorporate more and more recycled raw materials
  • A regenerated material source of supply is controlled and made more reliable.
  • A full traceability between the collector, the regenerator and the Barbier Group to provide a total guarantee to the customer.
  • A “plus” selection of the regenerated material to ensure the best product rendering and especially a regularity of it over time (practice of up-cycling)
  • Reduced environmental impact and CO².
  • Eligible for the Citeo bonus!




























To reassure customers, the Barbier Group has worked to provide a number of guarantees to its customers:

Introduce a minimum of 50% post-use recycled material

Stay on the same thicknesses as its current product

Do not degrade the technical characteristics of the product

Do not degrade the brightness and transparency of the product

Work on the surface aspect (minimize the granular side of the recycled)

Make sure not to change the customer’s machine settings (rate, oven temperature …)

Provide the complete LCA (According to E-dea) of this product

Before being a product, it’s above all a true enterprise policy: when our waste becomes a resource!