Barbier Group is proud to be involved in environment protection. Ecology and sustainability are among our primary objectives and priorities because sustainability have not to be considered as an impediment to business development.

Today Barbier Group has an important experience in the bioplastics use. Bioplastics are now available in various profiles with particular specifications. These ecological characteristics are to be considered and evaluated according to each application.

Bioplastics advantages are often unknown, but despite these, materials remain more expensive than materials derived from fossil fuels.

In the future, renewed raw materials will be more present and developped in industry sector.

  • less carbon emissions
  • carbon capture by plant growth
  • eco design by thickness reduction
  • 100 % recyclables maintaining the same process

Recyclability is an important part since the material can be reused.

Ability to obtain the highest certification of TUV Austria company, the leading certifier in products whose content is renewable

Since it has the same technical characteristics and the same production than the resins derived from fossil fuel, the Green Plastic use represents a significant benefit to the environment and to each of us.

Bio based PE complies with all standards of sustainable development. It ensures compliance with international standards and NGOs specifications.