Bio-waste collector

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Product market: Retail
Collection of platic films

Bags with or without macro-perforated or not, made especially for the collection of plastic film.

Christmas tree bags

Bag designed specifically for collection of Christmas trees as part of the yearly campaign “Tree Bags” organized by the NGO Handicap International

Housses containers sacherie
Loose container bags

Container liner bags packed loose with capacity from 340 L to 1100 L.

NF label bags

Dustbin bags made according to suitability criterion required to meet the NF082 label.

NFE label bags

Classic bags made according to the environmental criteria of the NF170 label.

Biodegradable dustbin bags

Biodegradables dustbin bags made from raw materials of plant origin and conform to the standard EN13432 on biodegradation.

Non-NF label bags

Dustbin bags which guarantee a good fit for usage and meet Barbier’s quality charter.