Livestock farming films

Product market: Agriculture

Biodegradable films to promote culture of corn, and suitable to laying with conventional machines or Irish forcing system.

High resistance silage films

New generation films with 5 layers providing high quality protection through the use of virgin raw material.

Under - layer film

Films specifically designed to offset the shape of the silos and ensure food contact.

Silage films

Films especially made for the protection of silos.

Cattle shelter

A 250 µ green – white film especially made for the protecting cattle.

Protection Film

Protective films including a high rate of recycled polyethylene to be linked to a sub-film 40 microns made especially for this use.

Very high resistance silage films

A New generation of 5 layers films to answer the following 7 criteria: high strength, UV protection, impermeability to oxygen, fodder cladding, food contact, easy unfolding and eco-design.

High resistance wrapping films

5 layers’ stretch films that can be used on every wrapping machine, including machines for squared bales, 3D machines and for continuous wrapping.

Economical wrapping films

5 layers’ stretch films for forage conservation.

Very high resistance wrapping films

New generation 5 layers stretch films with enhanced resistance and the best sticking power for the most demanding users.

Expert Wrapping Films

7 layers’ stretch films, the reference to be used on 3D machines and combi macines, with high working output, combined with net replacement film, Isolstar Press.

Net Replacement Film

The net replacement film adapted to new generation Combi machines, for a better forage compression in silage bales.

Oxygen barrier silage film

The last innovation in silage films blocking the oxygen transpiration and entry in the silo, main cause of spoiled silage.

A range of new generation films specially made for the forage protection.